How to quickly search engine included your website

not say nonsense, say a few veterans know stuff, after the website has been built, do the following work, Google and other search engines will soon be included in your site. Detailed information, to study their own Oh.

first do a robots.txt file, tell the search engine how to grab your web site. Don’t forget to specify the absolute URL of the sitemap in this file.

second makes a sitemap.xml (written by itself or generated with a tool) and is submitted to a search engine, such as google.

third to international network standardization organization website for standardized verification, through XHTML and CSS verification, you can put two certified Logo hang to your website, express yourself through verification. Search engines that love validation sites will greatly increase the chances of being indexed.


;                 for example, "crazy decoration network" should be just an experimental website, but it has passed the verification. Click the footer’s authentication mark to reach the W3C authentication page.


fourth registered Google Analytics, access to their own site traffic statistics.

fifth don’t forget to make a link page. This is different from Sitemap, whose function is to place valuable links in the station on this page, and to link the page to the home page. This will make it easier for web spiders to grab your web pages.

after these preparations, planning publicity and promotion strategy of their own, even write a simple plan, and then to perform, and check the daily flow, calculate what promotion helps your website promotion, which means you can abandon the basic.

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