China’s DC industry is the biggest liar industry in the network

listened to several buddies’ tricks: buy space, rent a server, must Baidu: XXX company, liar, XXX company garbage, this as a standard. In recent days, ready to put in, then choose a few in comparison, think of "Baidu method master taught me, but it really works, a liar information, assessment information have surfaced, wow, really rubbish, condemning. Knock, find another, a liar, a garbage man, or a liar. There was doubt about the information. Arbitrary point to open a web page, a careful analysis of the evaluation of users, not from the discovery of these information are from the webmaster BBS, virtual host evaluation network, such as the site, and also be bold.

everything is divided into two. Since the bad side also has, then I try to find some XXX space, the most stable XXXX company, the best XXX data is very good.

was disappointed, because what, almost impossible to find, even the largest China million net new network, I can not find, but let me find is in Baidu know question that Mrs. Wang maigua type. What is the IDC

China industry?

in the evening with QQ several friends in the discussion, why so many IDC are liars, garbage, what is in the hype,


friend sent me a few URLs: so you see, web hosting reviews of their top businesses, and then look at the comments associated with them, you can look at their non recommended business review, it is the difference between heaven and earth, maybe you can see something to

I try the recommendation of friends, and find a few host evaluation network, a few casual is not recommended, it is simply called me to look at a few pour out a torrent of abuse! Recommend, ah! ~ good, not a curse; then I go to other online to see you this is soso recommended businesses, gosh, you just in the original The case is entirely cleared., umbrella, out of the site you are That’s all. crow.

I’m not going to search, and I’m not going to see any of these sites, so I’m going to close these windows one by one. "Virtual host evaluation network -IDC comment – all this cheater nowhere to hide!" I don’t know what this sentence is true, then made a call to a mixed industry friends, I recommend several good service providers. I was really confused and disoriented, this man to me out of the truth, "these are actually they collected the data arrangement, the purpose is to let everyone to comment, as long as the business find bad information, will contact the website to delete, website normally with" this is the real thing, cannot delete "on the grounds, but the clever businesses will let their money to sponsor or climb to the recommended business positions. Well, that’s one of the commercial goals of the measurement network. " ~ ~ ~ sinister, then, I still do not understand, is there really no good merchant?

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