Enhance operational skills three axes of the first ax reading chapter

Green has gradually faded, slightly thick autumn. Today, stay at home, out of the window the rain Xixi, spring scenery is. Meaning one year, suddenly and eleven long holidays. Suddenly idle, but also cheap slightly uncomfortable. Maybe it’s too busy this month. Leave home startups, re joined the new entrepreneurial team, continue to struggle in the field of Internet education, success and failure of the test, but the daily learning, thinking and floating in Beijing over the years can be used also to meet.

the theme of this writing, an article difficult to bag its meaning, so change the wording, a series of articles. There are also friends that I write the article, and as long as the waist long hair of women, long lost appetite. It’s my fault. I can skate when I write, and I can’t stop the brakes. This series of articles is also possible, do not mind. This series of articles is divided into three axes, which are some personal experience in the career summary. Tentatively for the first book, second for actual combat, third for tentative, perhaps for writing tools. These are self gilded ones. This is the first article, reading!


many people say useless, especially in the Internet field, in order to combat out, but look at the past, there are still a lot of new people to hit the speed to run in the field of Internet occupation. In a period of confusion on the runway imagine, expect the Internet product operations down. How will this confused the runway from 100 meters to 10 meters, has been my hope it was a drop in the bucket. This is the origin of my blog notes management, and strive to summarize some experiences for the couple in the range of my ability in either reading or practice to accumulate income, Internet products in the operation and management of "right and wrong" codeword, whether right or wrong, write out is like diarrhea, and refreshing.

I prefer books, but often do not seek kidney solution, but only stomach shu. Since entering the field of Internet, reading direction will be changed, the poems, articles left behind the malaise. Blindly seeking Internet related books to gnaw. This stems from my late entry, 08 years after entering the line, it fell in love with the Internet at first sight, in the bottom of my heart to produce an emotion. But before relying on "immensely proud" handyman copywriting experience here is useless, not only confusion and fear louqie. As a result, a lot of time and money were sold away at the Zhongguancun Book Building during the period of leisure time. The days were short and energetic. Look at the books, now I can not help but because of a lack of guidance, so can’t help laughing, eyes easily biased. Because at that time as the network coding, network coding for it, for a variety of network coding and network coding skills books, the Three Musketeers, and learn some skills, and CSS was used to study to be incompatible as fire and water. Now want to come, then naive, such as 1 year old bud child, I do not know what to learn, anyway, they feel strange novelty of these things. To console the fear of ignorance in the future.

so, for new people, if someone can guide you, you’ll get twice the result with half the effort. Reading is one of the purpose of the exercise of thinking, to broaden their horizons, the two is to find problems encountered in our work in the book of the answer. Besides, reading is OK

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