From the NetEase to the NetEase community forum closed BBS said you must still be desperate

One day

four years ago in November, the NetEase announced that it would stop the community service in December 18th, when 16 year old say goodbye and all official community NetEase; the day after four years, the NetEase announced the imminent closure of the forum, October 19th, in addition to real estate Home Furnishing outside of the forum will be closed, the 17 year old NetEase forum will also be with a "memory package collection service with you forever goodbye.

mobile end social network giant wave erosion

, who like tide gone, only to still have the Tianya listed live atmosphere, of course, recently it is hemophilia incident caused Post Bar in any case, raise a Babel of criticism of Baidu, the overall trend of the BBS forum or with mobile social network activity, gradually from the glorious top fade.


, according to the August Android eco report released by Tencent, from August 2015 to August 2016, just one year, social APP downloads have reached 1.7 times the same period last year. Allegedly, in high-quality social class APP software, the average number of users per day use up to 9 times, the average daily online time is up to 23 minutes…… In a word, mobile social networking has gradually replaced the PC side social networking.

BBS business model, new business model to be explored


NetEase BBS announcement has a sentence "in addition to real estate, home outside the PC forum", in the NetEase forum announced the closure of the same time, to stay behind the property, home can open for us what kind of thoughts?

for the NetEase forum, real estate, home availability can also bring commercial profits to them, which is almost as important evidence that they are left behind, an important evidence that can be inferred only by guesswork.

The famous

BBS bigwigs?

Xicihutong, after being sold elong elong has been sold, and in the process of art dragon "catcher", Xicihutong has grown from a free forum Kochi gradually become a very obvious commercial website, again sold after leave more bad management and backward operation and worse user experience, Xicihutong declined, and then began to explore a new way of O2O., one of the army of wild times of the rise of the mobile Internet in the struck immediately to withering posture, even in 2011 launched APP, micro-blog, WeChat, and also prevent the mobile terminal social fierce momentum.

Tianya, in early 2016, the new three board listing, the traditional BBS brought a new dawn, and since then, Tianya is still facing a series of touching the mobile terminal, the new mode of operation exploration.


Post Bar, only from a variety of hemophilia event >.

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