Hot summer ride on the wealth

temperature is steadily rising, the major shopping malls began to diffuse the taste of summer. Today, the highest temperature of 35 degrees in Hefei City, the reporter visited a number of shops found cool home appliance sales, all kinds of cool car cover, air cushion, are placed in the most eye-catching sales area.

auto cool cover   sales

crazy hot air conditioning cushion;

highlights highlights lazy supplies;

"one summer, people do not want to move, do the housework is really a thing." Many housewives, especially after the new generation of housewives, for the summer to do housework is hated".

if the floor is dirty, wearing a "slipper" stroll in the room several times and you can easily do not have breakfast, mopping the floor; and so much trouble, while washing time, press a few buttons and automatic breakfast machine can cook delicious porridge, noodles, Boiled Egg…… this kind of life is not do you want?

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