Station five years feeling to young webmaster advice

1, effortThe

website is a chore, to work, some people say that it is the establishment of migrant workers, eat worse than sheep, than Miss also sleep late, casually live four or five years too, a little effort in four or five years is over four or five years of efforts, too, why don’t you try to do. If you work hard, four or five years after graduation, it will be very helpful for our future life.

2, study with an open mind,

with more than their own flow of people / webmaster successful communication learning, want to listen to / carefully analyze their opinions and suggestions, so as not to avoid detours. Their experience, their ideas, and their lessons are of great value.

3, free

out to do things, the key is free, happy, can learn knowledge. Each step should be analyzed, not because of a little bit of interest to limit their freedom. Remember, before you’re 30, don’t take too much notice of your savings and position. These are too small for the future. The most important thing is to learn.

4, target

some time ago in a Admin5 training course, improve quality and methods to achieve its goal, although I do not just technology, in the operation, but the feeling is more important in the global, we can’t relate to each industry, but to know a general reason. There must be goals in life, not just career goals, but goals in other areas, such as love goals, health goals, and family goals. Every goal should be paid attention to. Only earn money, not success in life, sooner or later will be a "short barrel effect."". Our goal is not just to fill the belly of the webmaster, but a career.

5, plan.

sets himself a year plan, three year plan. What do you do every quarter, what you do every month, or even what you do every day?. Don’t muddle along without any aim every day. Say what plan dare not change, and a few years later, you will find that for several years has no goal, nothing made. You’ll be 23 in 20 or three years later this year. Time passed quickly.

6, anthony.

if you’ve done all of this, I guess your time is going very fast. Don’t regret having nothing to do. I often hear someone say, "this life, just as it was yesterday and today."." Mao Zedong said, "heaven and earth turn, time presses.". Ten thousand years too long, seize the day." "Over the past thirty-eight years, pronto." The site is missed, Time will not wait for me. than others.

7, understanding society,

knows more about society than practice. Multiple analysis of the causal relationship between certain social phenomena. Analyze some things that happen around you. Face up to the dark side of society, analyzes some bad atmosphere in society, not proud, also don’t drift. Sometimes work >

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