The nternet is coming in winter How far is spring

window Piaoqi the snow, winter comes.

for the webmaster, is also experiencing a cold winter, winter long, do not know whether the owners can survive this winter. Due to the adjustment of national policy, the Internet set off the tempestuous waves, webmaster is experiencing a hitherto unknown blow, and did not know that this may last long, but do not know to continue with no results.


thorough investigation of illegal websites, resulting in room closed, countless innocent personal website was closed; then accused CN of domain name registration process leads to ineffective monitoring, the domain name is malicious use, improve personal domain name registration threshold, to control the development of personal website from the source, but also control the entire network of speech, gradually establish and perfect "network government", the establishment of the so-called "harmony" in the Internet environment. From the current network monitoring methods, the relevant policies on personal Adsense is very unfavorable, although there is no positive announcement to cancel all personal websites, but personal website development is limited everywhere, difficult. Many IDC companies issued a "movie station, forum, emergency shutdown" notice on this website to increase and improve the site in jeopardy; procedures for filing and threshold, resulting in many websites have been forced into the "black" state, the site without security.

many webmaster to comfort each other in complaining, many websites have been closed, also cannot open; the webmaster forum is no longer the site of the skills, but to discuss the current pattern of the Internet, the future trend of development, and for the future of individual owners worry. Many owners have doubts, continue to update the site, facing adjustment, bear the website might be closed again blow; or sit still, waiting for a new round of policy and adjustment, until the market uncertainty, stability in the industry to continue to do the road station? Dilemma, because they do not know the direction of the market, policy adjustment do not know, the Internet will face what kind of change.

The development of

history has always been twists and turns, opportunities and challenges coexist. Each stage will experience a certain storm, everyone is watching, the current network situation, are speculation in the final direction. Many people are so worried that they don’t know how to cope with the change, and they don’t know what kind of role they should put into themselves. But whether it is positive or negative face, must believe that society is moving forward, the network is also progress, while the policy adjustment, the current piece of "chaos", but there may be a new opportunity for us to strive for. Misfortune may be an actual blessing., change the way of thinking, maybe there will be a new harvest.

for the future development of the Internet, many people can not see the direction, the webmaster have no bottom, can only wait and see. A5 bbs.admin5.com12 Forum on 17 March 3 this Thursday afternoon will organize "Internet stormy personal website prospects in the topic of baby activities, invited Zhu Zerong to discuss the current situation of teacher network, if you are interested in this topic, and would like to know the current policy and network environment, welcome to.

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