Thinking and looking forward to personal Adsense the future of the road how to go

Internet entrepreneurs dream led to countless people to join the ranks of the station to do, to become a personal webmaster, no money, no advantage, no team advantage experience advantage, no contacts advantage, even so, individual owners still did not choose to give up, to pay twelve points to one step ahead. However, faced the challenge of individual stationmaster is far more than these, including the CN domain name, website, forum for storm storm strike storm waves hit, let the webmaster is at risk, which is not easy to make a station road more hard. The coming stormin, so we can not change the environment and influence, can do is with a positive attitude and learn how to better respond to the challenges, from the environment to look for opportunities to continue their dreams, to identify the timing to make success. Looking forward to the future, where is the personal station?

, learn the flow, do not have bucked the trend of

The development of the Internet

change rapidly, every day there are new things, successful new birth, as there is no strong financial backing, networking and team personal webmaster, should learn to capture new things in this rapid change, with the development direction and trend from its vitality and vigor. The truly successful, the flow, rather than with the development trend of confrontation, be an anachronism. As with the current apple products hot, do mobile phone and entertainment and download site webmaster to grasp this new craze, either choose to reinvent the wheel type around these new hotspot stations, either in the old station to join and highlights these hot, hot to borrow this development access to income, not only stay in the previous stage of development, to the emergence of new hot blind. Every day, the Internet will produce similar new hot spots, personal Adsense need is to maintain a keen sense of smell, from hot spots found new opportunities.

two, to avoid the high voltage line, do stand to make evergreen tree

the Internet is never a lack of supervision, monitoring and management which has the relevant departments of illegal information, some regulations for sensitive information, and all the legal provisions of the copyright protection for these individual owners are high-voltage lines do stand should be avoided, or to individual owners of the energy and strength once, was involved in similar problems to be investigated, then paid energy and money basically faces the risk of a total loss. Do stand to consider the long-term development, it should be based on the domestic reality of the situation, do not understand the station involved in the field, do something, not to do something, to find the real long stick, and profitable stand direction, so as to become the website can provide benefit for a long time, the source of profit for the owners of evergreen trees.

three, do station direction fine, capture segment market

combines the characteristics of existing and developing websites in various fields, and has abundant capital investment and team transportation

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