Soft Wen promotion of the basic principles

published the day before yesterday: the promotion of soft Wen writing elements. After that, these days received some network promotion personnel QQ problem. Among them lack literarily, not lack of but a man of great talent talents, in trouble: soft Wen wrote many posts, a lot, but just a little effect. Received these problems, do not feel strange, because it will write soft Wen is not equal to can soft Wen promotion, also need to consider:

soft text accuracy.

If your site is

for white-collar women market, then it should be published in some soft beauty, clothing, love and fashion site, I have seen a lot of e-commerce website promotion personnel, most of them in the forum or blog upload a few "big beauty soup beauties picture in the end, add: Chen Xi and small charming story, click Heroes, you bring "satyr" to the website, will they buy your product,


soft Wen attention rate.

if you make this mistake, you may not be suitable for promotion. We all know that each soft Wen hopes to maximize exposure. So, published soft text, the best choice in its related large web site. Perhaps everyone will say that the filtering mechanism of large websites is very strict. This is the time to test your kungfu. If you want to take it, go with it first. As long as it can create valuable content for the website. Soft Wen or can send. Don’t believe it??? I have published hits high in the soft stone forum.

soft Wen click rate.

do SEO know, ranking in the first three pages of the site has filtered 100% of the user traffic, on the first page basically filtered 80% of the click. Therefore, the site optimization can not enter the top ten, it is tantamount to failure optimization. After a lot of promotion hand soft finish that everything is ready, just waiting to click, but unfortunately, the amount of post large web sites a day thousands of soft, only click ten times already fell into the next page to the next page. And concise promotion personnel, they will be in the most appropriate time to give a reply, so that the article will never be away from the user.

soft text guide rate.

here mainly test everyone’s soft Wen writing level. You can refer to: website promotion is the ultimate goal of network marketing. With soft text to the site to bring users, nothing more than click on the site of advertising, or buy your product. Good soft Wen can make the flow into sales, but most of the soft text have not done. The difference is the guiding rate of the problem, failed to guide the user’s thinking, triggering the user’s desire to buy, to meet the user’s value needs. Even if soft Wen can bring more traffic, and will only let the server increase burden.

soft Wen transmission rate.

, a person’s strength is limited, if you can let soft text lead to an effect, let the webmaster all reprint your article, that can be described as soft Wen >!

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