Personal analysis of and views on the B2B site profit model

is currently relatively large B2B platform, such as: Alibaba, China supply network, search the net, HC and Shang Hu, China and so on. According to this observation, the B2B platform profit model is the basic charge, by the VIP membership fee of course, not just do a B2B platform has revenue, profit to do B2B platform require considerable traffic can.

general B2B platform profit, need to rely on large flow to attract some enterprise website member to join. The current B2B, in collaboration with third party certification bodies, helps businesses with business licences and physical stores. Of course, they have earned a lot of income.

many enterprises in the B2B platform certification, integrity and trading volume will be greatly improved, in terms of buying and selling will naturally be higher. In a survey in 2013, we saw Alibaba’s revenue taking the lead by 39%. In addition, some B2B platforms, relatively speaking, only 3%-8% revenue, a lot worse.

from the current form of view, many B2B platform performance in decline, or even eliminated. Therefore, the traditional B2B platform profit model needs to be upgraded, otherwise it will be eliminated.

many professionals in the B2B profit model gives advice is that, in order to upgrade, we must first do good faith problem. The current lack of profit model B2B platform is due to many members of the information is untrue, the lack of credibility caused. At present, there are many enterprises are trying to operate the relevant enterprises, shops membership certification, many websites have achieved relatively good results.

one, competitive profit model

at present, many B2B website profit model is through the bidding to achieve, because B2B website VIP member information is more, ranking position is not much, VIP members to maintain their own shops only bidding.

: B2B platform development can click through auction fees, the best is on the left and right sides of a floating bidding model, to show more business shops, profitability will be higher, the effect is better for corporate membership.

two, enterprise site profit

has a part of the B2B web site is moving to help enterprises members of the site to make profits, such as 114 network B2B platform for enterprises, shops, site model.

proposal: this site model for B2B platform, relatively unreliable, I think it is not a very good way of development.

three, industry member software profit

some B2B platforms offer software charging patterns that can be used in many B2B platforms to collect membership fees in such automated software.

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