On the advantages of correcting websites

why do you webmaster site revision, I want nothing more than two cases, a program of superiority, 2 user experience, three is beneficial to search engine.

for many webmaster, outdated website has become a kind of self continuity problem: if the site has poor performance in the past period of time, then the reason from where? The search engine page layout enough to attract users less?? and this time may need to make a decision, revision or another promotion other? In this state, consider the revision should be prudent, how to determine the website IP is expected to return and keep coming back has become more and more urgent attention webmaster problem.

below about two of my website revision experience, currently made two stations of a community forum for some entertainment, is a station for the nursery industry two stations are currently in operation. So in earnest after careful consideration of the two station has carried out the revision first, talk about the entertainment community site, actually this station relatively short-term revision is a failure, because no change before the amount of data should be more, but the search engine has more than twenty thousand, for revision procedures. Because of the use of the ACC database has now reached more than 200 M slower access. So we can only consider the replacement program has met the needs of the present. Although the 404 page Jump, but because search engines do not appear over the corresponding page by the majority of users have lost about users. Over time more than 40 days to reply to the traffic change before the state. So the revision must be carefully considered. And the nursery industry of my station [Guangdong times and http://s.esd114.com] the station changed relatively more successful. The reasons are as follows:!, the current user is not too much, loyal customer is less.2, before the trade procedure of the search engine is relatively friendly, what pid=? Eid=? That used trademanager program webmaster have experience, the search engines don’t love this type of link, so that the collected page is not too much.3, the more simplified operation, especially the seedling industry is mainly for some agricultural seedlings, the computer level is relatively low. So it is necessary to simplify the operation, through the revision after the customer reflect good. The return rate of straight up. The search engine Baidu today to start a large-scale update Link.Google has no action for the time being, but with current traffic, it’s much better than the previous status.

finally that sentence, select the revision consider, after all the problems faced are not the same. But personally think that if the search engines too much advice to keep do more better optimization. If you really want to change it is best to do 301 and 404. In… Is a personal experience as a small revision. Wrong please correct me. The last editor Gaotaiguishou whirring, trouble keep a link.. wrote yesterday removed the link >

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