Stewardess network development plan

1, general analysis (industry background),:


flight attendant network is now a leader in the airline industry’s Web site. Domain name is good, this is very important. Similar websites, I know, have a military network in the United States, and the nurse network has sold $40 million. The limitations of the stewardess network are also. First, the definition of the crowd is limited and confined in this industry, but the connotation or social definition of the stewardess is very wide, or the potential users are very wide. Stewardess is beautiful, tall, polite, polite, high income, high social status, and full of mystery, challenge and legend. It is important to emphasize this point. This should be the core value of the stewardess network.

is a lasting value for the development of stewardess network. With the development of China’s aviation industry, employing about more passengers, more and more, and the internationalization of personnel flow is also very obvious. In addition, the air hostess industry is also a special class with high personal quality, broad knowledge, high quality and high per capita consumption. You can share beauty, makeup, and costume with tall women. Overall, the stewardess network has a long tail theory of user groups, should strengthen confidence.

two, website status analysis:

website from 05 years gradually accumulated development, although and domain name is good, easy to promote, there are many relations, but and webmaster efforts can not be separated, after all, belong to personal adsense. The site is now at the point of avalanche, or before the blowout, but there are still bottlenecks. Or in the opposite direction, now the site has a certain active users, in a fast rising channel. Now in terms of hardware need to pay attention to is the first guarantee in May when the user blowout can guarantee good access speed, reduce the page size, including CSS file picture size, then write problems and comply with user privacy protection details such as complete, even if it is a typo, details of a pixel, to ensure that large wind, for example: the home page flash slides, don’t have small picture enlarged mosaic. Try to manually select quality pictures. Finally, and most importantly, do a good job backup, as little as possible to delete existing search has been included in the page or change the URL of the page, do keyword filtering, strengthen picture management, never touch the law.

three, website planning:

1, website access, performance testing, pictures, CSS, logo optimization.

2, the organization is enthusiastic, honest members of the management team, the forum system is clear. (probably done)

3, the organization’s editorial team, can pay a certain amount of money for beauty, make-up, clothing, and other channels to increase revenue substantially.

4, highlighting the function of friends, active UCH, increase some of the UCH friends function (you can wait DZ out), UCH friends can refer to POF mode. Increase the membership photo scoring function, set the score to 789 1>

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