The background and construction process of a local pet network portal

May 12, 2008, Nanjing Lula Pet Network ( was born in an ordinary day. A day that should not be joyful. Do not know whether pet nets coincidence with the sky, or really omen what?. Before the planning, preparation, infrastructure construction process of some of the things that really show a magic! It seems that the development of the site may also have to go through a wave of disaster….

‘s PET image set

everyone can see on the website, Lula pet network. A similar fly small monster, its name is called lula. How did this archetype come from? What’s the meaning of it? And there’s an interesting story….

2007 June, the weather in Nanjing was very hot at that time. Webmaster Ryan stayed in flies filled, rental alone. Suddenly, I saw a news on the Internet that the ugliest dog in the world was dead and published a picture of the dog. At that time, Ryan heart, yet the idea of pet net. But I was impressed by the ugly dog. From the eyes of his severe cataract, he felt something that could touch the soul, and did not feel its ugliness at the time. It was an expression of kindness, and it felt like itself…..

often encountered in the dream after the dog’s appearance, but its real image gradually fade out and gradually transformed into the image and now Lula similar fuzzy image, and it has left a suspense. In September, Ryan began preparing for the pet net. From site selection, investigation of the basic user groups, research the target market, site planning and construction, infrastructure staffing, promotion planning period, benefit analysis and so on, then in the case, we have a positioning: a PET image design and promotion, as the brand image, sales of derivative a souvenir.

therefore, Ryan directly put this fuzzy image often described, and the design of specialized personnel please do improve, finally present Lula prototype. Now a series of illustrations also have been designed, Lula also gradually grow.

a lot of friends, see it, one eye will say it’s ugly but very cute!!!!

some people actually have the same resonance and Ryan, like myself!!!

site pre planning difficulties

The construction of

Lula Pet Network with a fairly long process. A lot of things are groping. Server purchasing, bandwidth selection and planning, domain name registration, program purchasing and modification. At the end of last year, we have invited professional network company began to design, the website system uses the PowerEasy article management system, invite PowerEasy network company to Huaxia Internet webmaster Fage help us to develop the integration, but later due to various reasons for a period of time, and get cooperation >

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