Send you more than 5000P per day free of charge

method is very simple!!! I tested it today (6.1). (afternoon 15:00–18:00) more than 6000 IP!!!!!!


the specific method is:

1, to register an account of potatoes (of course you omit this step) in this podcast inside the "profile" put on your website address (can do pretty) PS: profile in home management after you landed potatoes inside

2, dot "potato net" on the "label", look at the following Hot 100 sign

3, choose a "tag" into clicking on the "Edit" your potatoes podcast address in it (of course want to delete the connection effect of others) PS account to register: potatoes after a week can be used to edit

, if everyone thinks I can still ask for a post!! I found it worked really well today! More than 6000, independent IP!!!


do this to measure is very big!! this no doubt! But there is a little, you must be diligent!!! Hard to spell! Than you do what promotion effect is good!


special attention: editor only leave your content! Delete other people’s (including mine), so that the effect can be maximized! You don’t delete others, or want to delete you!!!


skills 1: editor, there is a potato connection, you point it, the text and your podcast address, respectively, fill in.

there are 2 skills: text size and color editing button

also focus on the hottest, 100 sign, big flow!!!


, there’s a guy in there! Every day!!! More than 70 thousand IP a day!! still less. You see, no more, then there are ways, I do not tell you!!!


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