For 5 years the webmaster about Baidu included memoir

Baidu included the problem has been the webmaster long-term concern, slowly formed: there is Baidu flow idea. Baidu stressed " evergreen " don’t stand for new Adsense ideas. The following is the home of 5 years of new home network webmaster memoirs: the site has experienced Baidu strong included – Baidu K station —- Baidu re audit —- Baidu again included —- —- stabilize Baidu.

new home network management forum finally from the new frame up. Can no longer access than before; peer friends have forgotten the air forum? Why have not; from Baidu K 2008 start, October; Baidu adjustment, unfortunately new home network was included in the ranks of the right down. October 4th tour in Shanghai, I suddenly found that: the new Baidu included a page, only the new home network home page also top, the situation is not good, immediately looking for reasons, and make some appropriate adjustments to the site. Later found that the most likely K, the new wind station because the home page there are some spam links, links in some stations have been Baidu K, but I did not deal with. The reason found the source of processing, and has been hoping that Baidu has re included possible.

because we kept fresh home network station occupies a certain position in Baidu search network, let alone in the network world, new home network is one of the early establishment of the portal network management station, more than a month later, the air station or in the old so as Baidu only included home page. Right down really so serious? Baidu really will not included we stand? Site modification; the connection of friendship to audit, finally we decided on a Baidu IP server to determine the reason we put the website placed on another server, IP, November 22 27 am; miracles happen the air station, celebrate and all the other station to get Baidu traffic in the

included! Hope!

Baidu IP is how to prevent the seal to solve the fundamental problem! Happy; see hope? In fact, this is only the adjustment of Baidu technology; less than three days; it is only one page, or pondering why?. Later read a lot of webmaster articles, Baidu is really in the big adjustment,

We think the

station has been included to us again in the technology on the site to conduct a comprehensive revision, the new version of the site using the Div+Css architecture! Website launches faster browsing more convenient! After a month of fighting; new home network has completed a comprehensive revision, Baidu included did not change more; the strange thing is already changed the station layout; Baidu included page of Baidu snapshot or how to display the old new page? Remain perplexed despite much thought


is it true that some of the webmaster said, Baidu is now all by artificial control search included, Baidu this adjustment to what time? Half a month later, and finally to see Baidu in January 3rd

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