Google AdSense application experience

long ago heard of Google AdSense, but has no time to practice, so a week before submitting the application, and I for such a poor, of course, does not have its own website, so that the web page address fill on my website address, give me back a letter results: the letter

XX, Hello,

thank you for your attention to Google AdSense. I’m sorry to say that we are unable to accept your accession to the Google AdSense after reviewing your application.

we have not approved your application for the following reasons.

question: at present, your website content is not rich enough, AdSense plan requests the website to provide the rich content, please consummate your website content first.

halo, I immediately went to re apply, and this address is used in the first half of my domain name

just to see the mailbox, haha, send me a letter " welcome to Google AdSense" through, even ha. Immediately to practice, in fact Admin5 webmaster can try Oh, as long as you have registered the domain name on it. Although the beginning no income, but for a long time. You update a website, or a little bit of extra high popularity earned.

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