Change the domain name to some basic practices

webmaster want to change new domain name for your website? Domain name change is a huge risk, considering the change of the domain name should be considered before, reduce the loss of the replacement of the domain name, CN meters is not stable, many small owners are in meters, pregnant women also have this kind of network, in order to make the old and new domain transition sound, to minimize the risk, said the following methods under some pregnant women network actual operation share, the new domain name registration in breeding, the first thought is to change new domain name with 301 redirect is the best remedy, flow transfer: 301 page redirection technology, the former domain name redirect to the new domain name. But it is also the way There are both advantages and disadvantages., many pregnant women, is a new network using the old domain and the transition mode, new domain name on the line, the old domain is retained, it might make clear that the distribution of silly confused crawler is the main station, and then take the new domain name as new sites to promote. Try to do some links in the old site, pointing to the new domain name, change links, submit included, put soft Wen, hang bbs.

pregnant women website domain name changes, some of the original address to change the station absolute links into your new domain name website to replace the domain name, due to the change of address, cause the error to occur some still retain the original address of the link for pictures don’t show, attachment can not download some problems. The fundamental way to solve these problems is to modify the domain name for the replacement of the address: 1, check the web template, there is no absolute address 2, see the article set inside the column there is no absolute address 3, check the connection page has useless old domain the absolute address of 4, look at the pictures, there is no accessories with the old address, change over.

domain name replacement adjustment, there will be some invalid web pages. After the new revision of the content distribution, some of the original web page need to delete, otherwise easy to form the copy of the page, but the page deleted if not handled properly will also have a certain impact on the user access, because of being included in the search engine web search engine, database update will take some time, less a few days, more than a few months, during this period, when users search through a search engine can still see the original page. How to deal with invalid web site, the method is: do a prompt page, and through the corresponding text, as much as possible to guide users to new sites, minimize the loss of access. After the website changes the new domain name, must do 404 jump page, old domain name because the document did not, can appear a lot of 404 errors, in order to avoid the loss of traffic, suggest to use 404 pages to reclaim the flow.

new production of a new station, because the weight all lost. The new site is on the line, and Google’s collection is generally faster. The new site is added to the webmaster tools account and validated for your ownership of the site. Create and submit a Sitemap to display all the URL of the new site so that Google will know that the content in your new site is now >

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