n the face of competitive SEO it is important to optimize and maintain a good attitude

with the popularity of the Internet, more and more entrepreneurs undertake Internet gold panning. Among them, more is to build their own site, through the creation of a facade to promote marketing their products to obtain income. However, there are people in some people, in the fierce competition is also very popular webmaster industry, many individual owners can not withstand the pressure, can not see the future finally withdrew from the station in this industry, of course, also has, in short this industry has always been in and out of a person a particularly large liquidity industry. So in his body in this industry, the first face is SEO optimization of this term, owners often do a dream like this: through to their site operation SEO to obtain the weights of the promotion, so as to achieve fame and fortune. In fact, the success of how much? Just like the lyrics, the failure of so many people, but not a few success. In this highly competitive industry, as a personal webmaster, do you need a kind of heart to face the various problems of SEO optimization?

we can’t be a leader, but don’t follow the crowd. Someone once said, when you waste the webmaster industry, or quit the webmaster industry, a year later, your technology will be outdated. In fact, this sentence is true, the Internet’s information is instantaneous, ever-changing, just like three years ago, many people do not know, Taobao can do the same as doing web site SEO. Now Taobao SEO has blossomed. Especially in the face of competition is now fierce and low threshold of the SEO industry, know how to learn, good at learning, and always maintain a learning attitude, you can more quickly grasp the emerging technology. SEO is a process, he not by one step may be impossible, but also not to say that as long as you can set the title, keywords, will do the chain that is fully grasp the SEO, this is only a small part of SEO. SEO is a complete process that relies on the combination of average data in all aspects. Therefore, good at learning, always learning attitude to face the SEO now, can let you know more, but also to understand and grasp more, as the saying goes, There is no end for learning. Do stand in your insistence, the same in the operation of SEO optimization, adhere to is very important, we can see a lot of well-known sites are all accumulated through a few years. If you don’t adhere to that state, then you can’t succeed. Oliver is boundless suffering for the boat. SEO relies on persistent effort and execution. When you identify a goal, and the goal is not particularly remote, then you must stick to it. For example, I give a day myself to add five to the goal of the chain, then I must finish the work every day, after all, if not completed on time, one day a day to accumulate, and finally they have no interest in no passion. Although the goal may seem simple, how many people will stick to it? People who generally stick to their goals have succeeded. However, more losers always find excuses for themselves, such as "busy today, no >"

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