How to judge a person’s ability in Witkey

private network in the past, mainly programmers gathered, a lot of site experts are here, and now there are many websites, the most famous is Witkey network, there are several. The topic we are talking about today is how to judge a technical person’s ability.

1, we register above, and then publish the information to do the website.

2, we want to write a basic development requirement for our website.

3, we’d like to have an offer from you, not our own offer.

4 compares their offers and continues to communicate with those who are within their own limits.

5, if the other party is "QQ" is the new number, you can directly judge him as defective, because the highest level of the network is to seek truth from facts, he used the new number, indicating that he has a purpose.

6, if the other party’s QQ is an old number, first search his QQ number, and have a general and basic understanding of what he has done and what he has done.

7, request the other side to provide the works display.

8, if the works are two domain name, you can directly judge as garbage.

9, if the other party offers some large sites, but the areas of these stations do not correspond with his area, and then ask him where these businesses come from. Then wait a minute and tell him that he just called and said, "this is not what you did. How do you explain that? You don’t really need to call, just cheat it.".

10, if your project price higher than 1500 yuan, so go contract procedures is not to say that he will run away but said, if you procrastinate, you can’t do a thing with him that I do not do, but I do is slow, so there must be used to standardize the contract contract.

11, do not believe novice, cheap, we do website, not afraid of high prices, afraid to do well, because we are investment, investment in savings, investment will give us savings in return.

if it is a formal station project, then try to choose local network companies to cooperate. Because of the ease of communication, you can always increase your ideas and new requirements for the effects of the design.

please indicate: corn Wangzhuan forum


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