n the age of E9 webmasters can do this

      you should know that one of the new features of IE9, can be put onto the label Windows7 taskbar, the taskbar is additional function (see "inventory: IE9  RC  new and improved compared to   IE8  the 11 functions").

today, the soft media in particular for the Win7 home site icon redesigned, large icons locked in the taskbar more clearly, and at the same time joined the right click jumplist function, included in the 5 commonly used shortcut function.

, did you see that? If you don’t see, remember to close all of the pages of Win7’s home and clear your Internet cache.

OK, so as to testify:

1, first, the IE9 browser opens http://s.win7china.com/, dragging the tag to the taskbar —

2, attached to the taskbar, in the taskbar Windows7 home column, right-click to see what comes out

, this is a new feature of IE9.

of course, you might default to using the merge tab function of the Windows7 taskbar, and that should be like this:

have personal website or blog friends, we can try.


know how the 5 links under the "mission" in this picture come out?

method of operation is very simple, we use their own browser to see the next Windows7 home page source code –

< meta name=" application-name" content=" Win7’s home page " />

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