Analysis of the operation and key point of chemical engineering websites

speaks of website operations, and most of them have websites, planning, design, website optimization and promotion, data analysis and so on. The small and medium-sized enterprise network station team number is not much, so how to grasp the key operation of a good website? This paper is the author of several chemical websites, is mainly engaged in high temperature and high temperature adhesive sealant and other products, to explain how to make web site operators better.

, what exactly does the website sell,


this problem, in fact, is the location of the site. For example, the author’s chemical enterprises, there are hot glue, stone glue, ceramic glue, quick drying glue and so on dozens of categories, five hundred or six hundred products. So many products, we can not be packed in the website homepage, so how to determine the main product, the author thinks that there are several factors to consider.

1, what are the advantages of our product,

?The advantages of

products are not fabricated by web operators. I often see some websites under the name of "China’s first brand", "XX", "local advanced technology enterprises" and so on. The chemical manufacturers, has advanced units, ministries recognition, domestic well-known glue production research base and other honors, but I believe that the company’s military enterprise background and a variety of products have been "Chinese Aeronautical Materials Handbook" included as the main advantage. Both products in terms of technology, performance and reliability, have been recognized in the field of military.

What is the advantage of

2 and analysis of competitors in the market?

the author in the Baidu, Alibaba and other platforms issued nationwide, there are hundreds of chemical manufacturers to produce high temperature glue, and there are more than a dozen manufacturers have military background. In this way, the advantages of the author’s website and military background have been watered down. What the hell do? Through the depth of excavation, found that compared with other competitors, the company in the field of aviation, the expert team has a great advantage, obviously, site operations personnel must make full use of this condition to advertise it.

of course, product advantages can also be reflected in the cost performance, features, performance stability, product reputation and after-sales service, and many other factors. Each company’s products must have its own characteristics, otherwise it is difficult to survive and develop in such a fierce competition.

two, how can customers find and find you?

website construction is completed, followed by targeted network promotion, that is, to allow potential customers multi-channel, convenient to find you. The author believes that a website operators must multi pronged approach, rather than relying on a single source of traffic, and secondly, do fine, do not do miscellaneous, do miscellaneous, tiring, poor effect, do fine, will have quality promotion. In the early stage of operation of a website, I think the following methods are most effective.

1, search engine marketing.

although the domestic search engine marketing platform of choice is not much, but there is no doubt, on the bidding advertising on Baidu is still relatively.

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