10 years webmasters experienced helplessness ecstasy peace changes

do standing group for more than ten years, very ashamed, as a 90s learning software, cheated, hesitated. Bearing the embarrassment of having no money for meals, there is no room for rent. Hey, remember in school 3 meals to eat bean sprouts of bitterness, and so do the difficult years, pregnant with sorrow. There is an irresistible temptation, the joy of being poor all the way. Also adhere to earn the former happiness.

I have shared the road of webmaster who has walked over 10 years. Please give me your support.

network entry, it was 1997, computer 486 (I think has been very high, my first memory is 286, 4, 5.25 40M total root 1M hard disk drive a 12 inch display, pseudo color, ha ha very senior.) when the network is very few, the Internet, the idea is not the site, but the game download type, are generally small game (no bigger game, ready money) (don’t laugh ha, which time has not thought of charging games, don’t even say advertising is money, can only be downloaded into the fire, which is red,


is ready to start, buy a domain name server is still cheap, do 486, but where ah, ask a family room faint, do not say first how much money a month, things that you can’t put too thick, not understand the whole room, to see, people’s server is half a finger half as thick is 1U, desktop chassis own ah, how to get. Ask the price, the server tens of thousands, a month put thousands of hosts, I want to live, and I sold not so much money. Well, put it on the bike and pull it back. It’s broken.

time is really fast, the situation has changed. Work again for a week, Friday to eat a man said his friend opened a cafe, 10 Taiwan 486, computer accessories DIY network to buy their own problems, diskless workstation is not used up (not surprisingly, at that time in order to save costs, with no hard disk), ask me to make it I said, get off, not fine. Tell me, as long as done, to 1 thousand yuan, business, you must go immediately, I say we earn, he said he did not know, to start with 200 yuan. That time is the Norway net, full English, 2 days after a night to finally get up and start the card chip harm us, put on red alert, the machine immediately be filled, some people have been waiting for a few hours, that time is 4 yuan an hour is like fire. Finished eating, I was thinking of lying on the home server, ready money to leave, the cafe owner said, brother gave me a month how much maintenance, maintenance of Internet cafes this thing ah amateur feasible ah, I said I have a boss just installed the computer did not make servers, sold to him can not ask. Why do I have to transfer, I said no network, Internet cafes are not net, excited ah, agreed to leave on a free server, I did not give him to provide technical support. Win-win。

works in the daytime, maintains the Internet bar computer on the Internet, updates the server data, busy, but has not much money to earn > >

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