How can local property networks make money

first, I declare that this is not what a little promotion articles, but personal experience two years to make a station, get to share with you, and give you a little inspiration, I hope you can give me some good advice.2006 day, listen to friends talking about the real estate network can make money, I also drift engage in a Liuyang real estate network   however. The first problem is data, no data updates, you will not have a chance to survive, so I went to other website copy a lot local real estate information, slowly will usher in a good many find room visitors, but these alone is not enough, so I take the promotion of the following methods:

first: in the online bar, forums everywhere release information, promotion website, on the post bar, forums everywhere release information, promotion website,

second: I printed 3000 copies of pages, the building materials market to release the housing; release;

third: collection of local major property information; free of charge for its promotion;

fourth: collection of real estate companies, property companies, decoration companies and other information, free of charge for its promotion;

fifth: website optimization, the key lies in title, you want to appear in the key words there, the effect is good;

has the above points through a year after the operation, the next step is to make money, we need to find their real estate sales manager, to their sponsorship for its promotion, as long as your website ranking is good, they are very willing to cooperate, the site of second years I earn a few million, is a real estate company to.

is also an important sector I am here to say, that is the release of rental, sale, purchase Qiuzu, and other information of the plate, that can call the intermediary companies to join us, and other non intermediary retail website can be free to add information, one of the main point of this is also the site of the.

, can not be ignored

from the beginning of the third years, I have an idea, is to rent from the sale of this information to make money, it’s just the beginning, says the release of information is free, the same 100 years, then the information of visitors, we must charge a fee, this is another economic growth point of the station and you might say, who will see the information that you pay ah, don’t worry, what things are going to try, this is not a day for me, I feel good;

if you also do local industry website, can also according to my ideas to do, maybe I can make a few pen Oh, although not earn not what a lot of money, but we managed to do the webmaster a little labor, it should be our laborious.

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