Do QQ expression website operation experience sharing and reflection

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I am engaged in the Internet design, electronic magazines, MMS work, do QQ facial webmaster for two years, now some of the operation site experience, to share with you.

in June 08, because of interest and career reasons, there is the idea of building a QQ expression site. I know about the QQ expression and analysis of industry website, see the QQ expression site is the basic personal webmaster established, not an Internet company or enterprise operation, and localization of an expression of QQ sharing platform.

I’ve classified the website’s column design as follows: QQ expression, online production, love series, comedy series, album series, festival blessing, other meta and community forums. Mainly want to QQ expression, interactive sharing and practical information integration of the content, so that users (users) play QQ expression at the same time, you can also look at some of the information content of interest.

himself spent his spare time, two weeks of Web site design and div cut, and then a friend to develop PHP help to make the program out, the program is combined with dedeCMS+Discuz do. Time is very clever, my QQ ( website just in time for the Olympic Games (08 August 8th) on-line. Back then, I was excited. Because when the webmaster, with their own QQ expression sharing site.

two, QQ expression website operation experience sharing

1, rich content, basically every day to update the QQ expression and practical information content, this process is very tired, there is no patience and tenacity of the people can not do such work. (so far, the amount of QQ expression added is nearly 80 thousand pictures, and the selected ones are well chosen. It is understood that there is no platform at the moment and there are so many QQ images. This is gratifying, but also adhere to efforts to release more content to users (users) to share.

2, user experience, good user perception and experience, both in (art, function, content, operability, compatibility), etc., are to do and continue to improve and improve. This is best demonstrated and reflected through the site’s return visit. There is a saying well, believe in the masses and trust the users. Being a webmaster is actually a job with more than one job. The sweets and bitters behind them are in them.

3, website operation, I believe this is what you are most concerned about. At present, my QQ expression station added the Baidu alliance and Google Adsense, and the main revenue is the advertising alliance.


Baidu alliance advertising statistics system, more humane than before, for our webmaster more, through Baidu alliance " Internet entrepreneurs club, can go to apply for " in some very meaningful activities (I am just.

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