and Baidu’s grudge site after being K how to re included


is one of many sites of God, this is no doubt. Baidu included, website traffic will not rise, Baidu in the modern era of network, China, personal web sites have the light of day. There is no Baidu, it would not do, I think this is most people’s heart.

actually, the creation of websites, has also experienced the joy of pain, below I put my experience one by one, is to share experiences and lessons with peers.

began to do web site, the master said to pay attention to Baidu, Baidu, but we stand in the minds of God, he said, was included in the Baidu is equal to receive the RMB, traffic is money,

I had a secretarial station, it is doing the writing work in the unit, it should be said that doing this Shumenshulu, get, put it down. We can go and see, Secretary chowder network, this station I do about the end of 2007, no flow at the beginning, the master helped me do a few links, are large traffic website links. I have already done the Secretary on the above, it also has thousands of articles, and then absorb members to contribute, but one day there are dozens of traffic sources are investigated, the large flow site, several blind mistakes touch up, also have to contribute, can a lot of plagiarism, no way, had to delete, after much deliberation, or their own get release assured, at least to be genuine original.

waited for about a month, check every day Baidu, is not included in my manuscript, later, my lady I was sick in hospital, he left the site, busy went to check a website, Baidu included the situation gradually faded, the accurate say a bit downhearted. It is the same, the gander, later a day I have to send money to my membership, to join my silver member, I just open the dusty half more sites, I found web traffic DC rise, then use site check, oh, good, Baidu included my article to more than 1000 article. I was wild with joy, Baidu included undoubtedly inspired my ambition. After a few days, I kept writing, trying to add the manuscript, the night as the day use, every day site, Baidu really became the God of my heart.


site of the site who do not want to become bigger and stronger, then see someone on the Internet that can do optimization can significantly enhance the flow, I do, I do not know the consequences of the results is not good, one day, I finally tasted the excessive optimization consequences. The hair is pulled out into the home,

now my site unblocked. I made some efforts to release during this period four months, including Baidu to write, delete the optimization, continue to add fresh content, adhere to the "human" for more than two months, but the effect is not good, no movement for 342 months at the end of April, I set up a click on the station ( in concentric Wangzhuan alliance, I think there are many people to join the station during this period.

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