mprove the registration mechanism forum to attract more users

forum for what is most important? Not flow, but registered users, light traffic, but the registration number does not reflect the flow level of the forum is not the success of the forum, the registration number is up, but the actual active members rarely forum is not a successful forum. The smaller the proportion of registered members and active members, the better their health and the atmosphere of communication. Only by doing so can the success of the forum be taken as a first step. The forum wants to create a good communication platform to attract users and retain users, not only need to have accurate positioning, rich content, reasonable operation plan, and all-round promotion. We need to start with small details. For example, moderators communicate with users, and regularly engage in activities such as t building. Adsense nets satisfied that these small details can have a big role in improving the popular forum, and the registration mechanism is the details, perfect the registration mechanism for the regulation of the popularity of the forum, the guide has great effect, when the popular forum can reduce mechanism to improve the registration by adjusting the forum registration, and when the popular forum members can aggravate the phenomenon of illegal excess regulation registration mechanism appropriate to reduce the amount of registered forum. In short, the perfect registration mechanism can bring more popularity and users to the forum.

how to build up the perfect mechanism? We must first clear positioning of the forum, the forum is very high if the threshold requirements for membership, does not allow too many low quality does not need a large number of registered members, but if you can establish a refinement, strict registration mechanism. If the forum requires a very low threshold for membership, and requires a large number of registered members to create a wide range of professional communication platform. Then, you can not set too strict registration mechanism, relax membership registration review, attract a large number of members. Of course, no matter what kind of registration mechanism you are, you need to make appropriate and flexible adjustments according to different times and stages. Only in this way can you better regulate and control the user base. How to properly and flexibly adjust the registration mechanism, the author briefly analyzed several points as follows:

through manual audits and mail audits, to strengthen the registration of personnel review efforts,

now many forums there is such a phenomenon, the exchange of the atmosphere is very good, the registration number is also a lot, but at the same time, it also brings some negative effects, advertising, bad information, more and more members in violation of the provisions of the forum. Some meaningless and even unhealthy postings become more and more. This is not absolutely can not condone, therefore advertising, increased water paste will bring bad effects to the other members, and even let other members believe that the forum can send ads can be arbitrary, water, to follow the water with advertising. Therefore, strengthening the audit of registered members can improve the quality of registered members. Manual audits are most effective and time-consuming. There may be a lot of problems with mail audits, so it’s better to combine the two.

setup validation code and authentication answer to prevent machine registration and to enable users to deepen understanding of the forum

now register, register, forum, send extensively

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