Feelings since building your own web site

Since the

build their own web site since I have many feelings, because our website, in terms of technology mainly by me to be responsible for me, so I feel quite technical, below I will discuss my website when some of the operation processes and procedures and planning etc..

starts with the first step of doing a website, and we think about the topic for a long time. The theme of the website is the key, and a website must have a clear theme. Especially for personal websites, we can’t do as gorgeous and rich as big websites. After all, with limited energy, I think finding the one that interests us the most is the key. Only our own interest, our website will do deep penetration, only interested in it as their goal, will blunt their goals, will do better, so to impress users, increase the click rate. The theme of the website is infinite, as long as you are interested in, any content can be, but the theme should be distinct, in your subject scope, content to be large and complete, fine and deep. After defining the theme of the website, we began to collect materials around the topic. I didn’t go to the other members of our group is to collect, to gather, but it is a very important step, he is the essence of the entire page, if this step we didn’t do that, our website will feel only skeleton, and no content. They found the material from Qucuqujing, and to take the real pseudo extract, which. A lot of software is also needed to modify the diagram. At this critical point, we put a lot of effort into it. Good results have also been achieved.

is a website design success or not, the planning level depends largely on the designer’s website designers like planning the building drawings, the design is good, to build a beautiful building. The site plan contains many columns, such as structure, site settings, site style, color collocation, layout, text pictures such as the use of only you these aspects into account in the web page before, in order to make home filled with bamboo. The only way to produce web pages in order to have personality, unique, attractive. Click rate is sure to improve. Planning the site has had a lot of trouble, but I didn’t stop, and I continued to learn and do it.

to select tools, although the choice of what kind of tool does not affect the quality of the web page design, but a powerful, easy to use software, often can play twice the result with half the effort. "Making more related tools, is the first web authoring tool, I select is WYSIWYG editing tools, Dreamweaver and Frontpage, in addition, there are image editing tools, such as Photoshop, Photoimpact etc.; animation tools, such as Flash, Cool, 3D, Gif and Animator;" special tools, such as full of sound and colour this software, there are many online.

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