Give some Webmaster Station commentator words

blog, simply, I don’t know if it’s a web log, but I’ve built my own blog at such a blog post. And I just wrote it on it. Just write your own network log.

it’s been about a week since we wrote the so-called blog last time. But in fact, every time very tired, very soon though, but still there is a feeling in your nonsense. Because it is not enough to enrich a certain amount of content. A written "graduate, this road is not for me to go such a climate as a thing, although this is not good, but the Admin5 editor is very generous of my article put out, here to thank him. (count as a curry? Whatever you want.).

I do the station, probably in January 12th of this year. Stationmaster statistic date is 13 begin, by my friend help me statistic, where did you know at first what statistic?. Now pinch your fingers and count yourself, but with the industry, 2 months a little more, the station will probably do, just a skilled problem. Of course, I dare not tell SEO this esoteric things with my name is Qiu brother row to the second page to the above, I dared not talk about what the optimization of personal opinion, but I have some experience and technical exchange every day to watch the Admin5 webmaster. In Admin5, I think the most desirable is (are) head of the quality, I do not know that they are the attitude of life or because of a strike, in any case, we are not writing, not the webmaster, the professional software writers, some are technical, some personal feelings, there is a part of the webmaster guys gives the comment actually so if you feel the article not fit to be seen, is not good, so I’m sorry. I’ve delayed your reading of an article. You shouldn’t have commented on some stupid words. First of all, I think you’re a poor quality guy. Even if you think some technical writing is too superficial, then you can’t take care of it, for example, a novice webmaster like me. Let me continue to understand more basic knowledge in Admin5, because the stationmaster station belongs to any old and new stationmaster.

really competent webmaster, I think easily won’t curse. Easily do not let their quality down to a level.


a new webmaster, giving dirty words to you. Please, reviewers, after you read an article that is not good, please close, your comments will only let me feel your pity. Think you’re on the road to stand up, no resistance to

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