Net red please note that the live application of the originator collapsed there are three major cau

mobile live is too hot now, but is it a real windy mouth or a fake air outlet?


text / gold wrong channel Li Yang (WeChat public number: Gold wrong knife)

open the application market search, broadcast a wide variety of applications have hundreds of



, many companies opened the conference site has become a sauce neither child’s land.


but…!! Knife brother, want to pour cold water today.


we also marvel at mobile live like a raging fire when the mobile broadcast originator, America’s Meerkat has announced its withdrawal from the market, the app from the application of market withdrawal, founder of the Lubin (Ben Rubin) also issued a tweet. Live broadcast of a sigh.

at the end of February 2015, Meerkat officially in the United States on the line, then in March, held in Texas in the United States SXSW Music Festival, Meerkat popular night, received hundreds of thousands of users within a few weeks, and $12 million in venture capital.

is regarded as the Silicon Valley venture capital has become the unicorn potential good seedling



when people marvel at this simple video broadcast form, a mobile phone application design can not be simple, but can let everyone become the production and spread of video content, through the user’s mobile phone camera, the scene real-time live to give attention to his people.

is in front of its downline, Meerkat users covering 156 countries, of which 3/4 users in the United states.

but why not live two years, it is worth pondering.

popular night, even the queen Madonna


SXSW music festival known as the world’s largest music festival, the festival is not only related to music and entertainment, it is a scientific and technological community must pay attention to the grand event, bursting with popularity, majority of participants who are at the forefront of the trend of technology ", the" trendsetter "new" products of science and technology innovation interest.


over a week before the start of the on-line Meerkat has almost become the most popular products in the SXSW SXSW, it does not advertise, founder also do propaganda speeches like no, but each venue has people with Meerkat live in.


in their small concerts, countless movie preview, see star >

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