New station running 7 days P breakthrough 2000

usually come to Admin5 is to see the predecessors of the article learning experience, today I also put my novel download station on-line for a week, IP breakthrough 2000 experience and share with you. My new station novel download station, this station’s domain name is 08 years registered. In January this year, I made a navigation station, and then I felt I had nothing to do. This domain name has been hanging, started in May 1st, two days before the station has been adding content. Because before this domain name is a navigation station, change website content suddenly, cause to be dropped by Baidu K, without Baidu, we still have Google. The reaction rate of Google general soon released the content can be included in the day, here to recommend a more general 365key updated content submitted to 365key an hour Google will be included.


, it’s 12:55, and it’s 2000IP at night. No problem,

says, "how do I get traffic from Google


believe that many webmaster love to see NBA, these days the Lakers and rockets at war is because I often see NBA raise a Babel of criticism of, so live while watching the game again with the text released released to the various links and then submit blog. According to live commentary, so it is unique, that is, the original article, coupled with the submission to some of the rights of the site, Google soon received, and give a good ranking.



my writing is not very good, so the statistical screenshot of the website is put up directly for your reference.

web site should be good at analysis, for example when I search for "the first page of the Rockets Lakers vs" search engine has several pages are pointing in the same site I will analyze why the site can be ranked so well, then study his promotion methods. I can now get a better ranking in Google, but also the use of learning from the promotion method.

my QQ number: 541295053, I hope to know more webmaster, study and exchange experience together,

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