With all do normal station webmaster said

I have some words to say to all do regular station webmaster said:

consolidation continues, we all know that the site is closed, the server is closed, from the law strictly, the room isn’t right, because it is our money to buy private property, to deal with is the public security organs to deal with, but the reality is cruel, we ultimately want to know why they are so cruel the rectification. Whether officials say or you privately concluded, we all know the answer, so I started to say is all do normal station webmaster.

some of the website, website will move abroad quickly in the rectification, and then show off everywhere, edge ball website body art, beauty model, star photographed after a brief pause revitalized, of course to make us happy. By the way of ad a, anyway, we are playing to the foreign abacus, see pioneers experience is also good, more and more praised IP, advertising on the site and price of chips and 10% win, Why not?


I feel very sad, alone and far away, a much slower speed, is forced to feelsponsor is really not the taste.

actually, you and I both know why there’s such a brutal consolidation. But, why should the jurisprudence site everyone shouting, but still vigorous than the past? Because I indulge you! "Said everyone shouting," we all know hatred, people cry, but now there is a mouse in the street, will not appear "enemies" of the the situation, absolutely not! Why do you want to put yourself? You know, in the face of hatred, what do you think of others, think so. Similarly, we are now leading to the formal station was implicated illegal sites, but also did not appear I hope everyone shouting situation.

in fact, connivance of illegal websites, it is a win-win situation, is actually more harm than good. I can not hesitate to doubt, wait for everyone to learn the normal website all migrated to foreign countries in order to avoid risks, to avoid regulation, then, all of the sites will be re rectification. Remember the words of Bardi, the villain, in Superman? When everyone is Superman, everyone is not Superman,


in the rectification and moving the station in the process, we have lost, so, the minimum loss and the fastest recovery is what station? No doubt, are those in the country has made a lucrative and The atmosphere was foul. illegal websites, they have the strength to have the resources to experience quickly do this, can said the illegal websites, especially jurisprudence, itself is the earliest one of the groups involved in the establishment of the overseas, now rectification, single moving station, for them is a piece of cake, today off, tomorrow and live. The small, small and medium-sized enterprises do normal station or some small station (non violation website webmaster >)

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