Do standing is a long term task novice webmaster should grasp a few points

In fact,

novice webmaster regardless of your plan is perfect, ready to have more fully, there will be too many problems in the process of operation, after the passion only lost, right, sure you have this idea, what problems there will feel the bottom of your life, in the the station also had the same experience, I am also very painful very vexed, but think about it or continue after getting back to work here, I want to say is that we should have a novice webmaster and pay attention to the psychological quality.

At the beginning of the establishment of

website every day and night of the stem, the result, included less or even simply haven’t been received, at this time you find no reason, new things now than the site less, people much less porridge, copy and paste the whereabouts of a really normal, most of them belonging to the novice webmaster K is K, to our junior novice webmaster, new Adsense every day like a fly without head to find a way out, it is very confused feelings of failure, to learn SEO people to do good, I listen to feel very misty, never own the real intention of the site, go one step, the problems encountered well, to change to a long time, really very tired very troublesome to it, but this is normal, who have experienced such a journey, quite over to good, you good, good site.

to self adjust, don’t be eager for success of the idea, if you want your station a month started to make money, I can tell you is not possible, can make people his stand not what good results or their investment than earn, Dangdang go. Don’t become a successful site which is not only experienced a few years and exposed to wind and rain have a number of outstanding teams in support, you count what others do, of course, it is on my own account, now for everyone to talk about.

learn to self comfort and encouragement, will encounter the problem of too many, now is the future, would be lost to feel powerless, initially felt that the junior novice webmaster is not, ah, we have no experience and no technology you should a problem, this is absolutely, but we I found a solution to the problem you ease you will feel very happy and I also learn what, this time you have to take comfort and encourage yourself everything is, everything will be fine, as long as you really own station carefully it will have results,

learn down-to-earth, I just opened the station again, a large number of collection to satisfy their own and meet the demands of others do not want to look their stand empty, in fact, no use, no one will recognize you, perhaps you would like me to ask too many people, they generally only one sentence copied too many original no, right, I guess I’m not how much they are someone who they know today, regardless of whether they are successful, but experience is not false, you and I like to listen to all the way walk slowly not bluffing, not be fooled any person, this is the network while virtual but it also appears particularly stringent and cruel it is you and I can sense.