A webmaster confession pain tired

, Time, flies, I’ve been studying online business for almost two years. In two years, I got a lot and lost a lot…

thinks of the past, the past, the sad and the happy, and I want to write something.

freshman contact network entrepreneurship

a chance, I have a deep interest in network entrepreneurship. Then, self-study, dreamweaer, self-study C language, self-study SEO…

again and again stay up late, again and again truancy, again and again lonely grope…

in order to study website design, I sit in the dormitory for one day, when the time is really fast, everything becomes nothing, only me and the computer screen…

clearly remember, again, in order to become a manual design of the small station, I busy the day. When it was finished, it was seven in the evening, and I was loosing my stiff shoulders, and a man went to dinner in a contented mood.

when I came back, my classmate told me that the virus in my computer, the desktop file all deleted!


suddenly, my eyes become dark, piercing… This thing makes me uncomfortable for a few days, memories.

sophomore, the throes are obvious, passion is still in

sophomore year, I have been using CMS to do website, advanced, many, progress a lot of ~~

if the freshman is the process of accumulation, so big, the second is the accumulation of fruit

sweet fruit

in the first month of sophomore year, I harvested the first pot of gold since I started online business.

Google Adsense sent me 250$, and I was very happy and excited at that time…

bitter fruit

second half of the semester exam, I became the king of

fail the exam!

the teacher sent me 5 red card, my degree I am depressed at that time, on the verge of death or destruction, very confused…

is now the end of sophomore year, I did two years of Web site, deep feeling.

what is the right way for us to be an e-commerce major? In the end, should we be a good student or be a "strange" student?

do website, give me happy, let me depressed…

hurts, tired, hold on,

I think I can, I can do it. (recently everyone is busy preparing for the exam, and I’m busy too. Busy doing their own edge ball, small station grass pomegranate community. Master to help see, why Baidu, I put this station K.