wasn’t looking at A5 was on my way to see A5

to Admin5 for nearly a year, before we just look at the article, learn some knowledge of the Internet, during this time, he is indeed a lot of progress. Know what is what is called grassroots webmaster, what is called Wangzhuan. Thank you very much Admin5 to provide such a platform, I’d be more inclined to call " the webmaster of emotional post " the name. She is like a family, each member in this family are equal, are free to share their feelings, or complain, or joy. There is no class or difference in real society. Perhaps in the eyes of most webmaster, this home is the heart of the harbor.

in this year’s time, I understand the bitterness and joy of the webmaster, empathy, in the webmaster by K station, title when the loss, empathy with the webmaster get the Commission of joy. In the webmaster who has too much is not simple, too many indescribable feelings. Gradually, I found myself in this family. And the home hard disposable. Slowly, I also have a station of my own, but I still dare not lose my job, I still work hard. Today is the first time I’ve written something and I don’t know if I can pass it. Writing this also stems from a temporary perception. If I can’t pass it, I hope the editors will convey my insights to other members of the family.

graduated more than two years, the school is a computer professional, at that time the school simply do not understand the webmaster of this circle, when the Internet is limited, simply look at the news, what kind of chat. Not knowing what alliances and so on, let alone affiliate advertising, and wondering how search companies make a profit. And also do not know why a pop-up on the Trojan horse, why obviously gave the download address can not download things, why download Firefox to see the rest of the article?. To understand these things later found in the work, now in retrospect it is just a word "*", (or not to say something is 12), really, know these things, a lot of things are natural understanding. So my computer is now very small Trojan horse, but also benefited from the school to learn Admin5 things.

I am now before this work there is an e-commerce platform, the time for past is when a person in charge of this website, then cherish the work and work very hard, it is better to say to the person in charge, a person responsible for. And all the work of the site is what I do, and the entire company dozens of computers, servers, routers, application software maintenance, and so on, all of a sudden became my work scope. At that time I really do not know tired, a month on more than a thousand points, 36 days a year off. Think young, do your own thing, do not matter. So I’ve been holding on until now. That is, in the operation of the e-commerce platform, entered the Admin5 home. At that time after work overtime, work overtime on Admin5, was his thing, because they do not understand.