Excellent small game website is so made

game that is actually a relatively vague concept, relative to the huge volume of stand-alone games and online games, refers to all the smaller, play a relatively simple game, but usually this kind of game in casual puzzle, a stand-alone version, a version of ". The stand-alone version of the game you should be the most familiar, but the web version of the game refers to the "embedded FLASH format files, and then provided to the game player through the browser; web version of the game is generally divided into: double games, cooking games, action games, sports games, puzzle games, shooting games, adventure games, chess games, strategy games, agile games, funny games, casual games, games and other types of passion.

game of 2009 can be said to be a year of rapid development, with the continuous development of the Internet and the popularity of "little game" is a hot topic in many webmaster, because the game has too many features, no copyright, traffic, advertising benefits etc.. It should become the preferred Adsense site content, but how to do? What should I do? Really puzzling many plans to station, here, the author summarizes the establishment of idea of small game site, if you want to do a small game site to a friend, take a serious look at, hope you can be inspired.

wants to build a gaming site being accepted, we must first understand the game advantage: disk usage rate is small, the file size, the content is simple but extraordinary fun game, easy to use, less mark clearance, fun, easy. To understand the above points, we must integrate the needs of various groups, and refer to successful cases, so as to draw inferences from others.


, population distribution,

1, teenagers. The population is the largest, but at a time when academic assignments are heavy, it is impossible to devote enough energy to the game. For them, online games are more appropriate. Therefore, for them, to achieve "remember the small game site, each time the Internet should play a" purpose. This kind of game website production way must request the home page color, style should be more bright, bright, passionate and energetic, the size of the web page to 800*600 best.

2, office worker. Such people have computers, mostly office workers, office workers, a large number of people, most of the computer fans, the game interface, content, color, etc., have higher requirements. Therefore, they pay more attention to the quality of the game, and the intelligence, leisure and other aspects of the game are more important to them.

3, mobile phone gens: have cell phone, like to use mobile phone to amuse oneself during the period of work. Therefore, the size of the game, download speed and so on have higher requirements. All the mobile phone should be "dapper" navigation should be clear, so that it can quickly find the required game. Different versions of mobile phones should be produced.

two, resources reference