2014 Taobao operating dry goods shop from scratch


for a person who is ready to do things by himself while he is on the move. The dry goods are no longer the capital of an interview, so today I would like to share them with you.

starts with free traffic first:

A natural search: big, not much, we all understand, small to note:

1: store unsalable rate (a month is not traded, goods accounted for the percentage of total store merchandise), unsalable goods weight is very low, we need to control the characters. The following suggestions can reduce the rate of unsalable goods.

1.1: Baby re edit (details page with spaces or a character)

1.2: and customer service sister instructions, often no one buys goods, half sold half to guests, someone buy a weight is different.

1.3: man brush list. According to the original brush, do not do packages, very low prices to brush.

1.4: the best advice. Analysis of poor baby a month’s data, if there is traffic, but low conversion, it is recommended to lower the shelf, so as not to maintain.

1.5: if the product does not flow, highlight the layout of the page, and then look at the situation, there is conversion to stay, there is no transformation on the shelf.

PS: Tips for editing again. At eleven in the evening, after editing, the Taobao system will crawl in second days.


2: activities registration

2.1: look at the market price, lower than the market price of ten percent, rather than ten percent lower than their own products.

2.2: registration of products, in accordance with the requirements of the decoration, decoration in advance.

2.3: registration activities, product details page, according to the drilling requirements of the details of the page processing (can not be what the whole network only what kind of copy)

2.4: never try to pass the event once. Ma and you are not familiar with, but only multi reported. I hope it’s bigger,

B pay traffic: big side also do not speak, small matters needing attention.

1: through train.

1.1, bid: a hot word 7 points, direct bid on the first page, the price is: 4.28, after several days of non-stop efforts to score the quality of 10 points, CPC close to three. The same word, equal quality, still 7 points, third page price: 1.25, after several days of non-stop efforts, quality score of 10, CPC only need 2.2. As for how to bid, we all understand.

1.2, improve quality score: basic work to do well, quality score still can not go up, you can try to artificially improve the click through rate, conversion rate, indirect income brought by train. Through flow quality. If it doesn’t really go. I don’t know