08 reflections of a grassroots webmaster

Lingba, lost has also experienced its growth, stumbling forward until now, but it is ultimately go now, for all this, I don’t think anyone can understand me happy! I met in A and at the end of 06 waves is that it is the prosperity of the community on the occasion of the waves, it is a a very active atmosphere, the atmosphere is very strong communication. I really don’t remember how to get to know him. Just remember the time. His ID is referred to as technical director, technical supervision, and later by a group of us old owner called sodomy (JJ). That’s how it came from. As soon as the old generations left inside the waves, the community never no longer brave, silence! We will slowly fade out. In the wave of decline, A will do evil independent forum, he can understand the technology, have to say he is a failure of management (I will not say specifically, you can use your imagination!) then perhaps he is a curious mind and play mentality, the Forum opened one after another, for very diligent, not long existence. The beginning is a tour of the forum, the first word I forgot, although I also do management, I am not a good memory of this person, and for a long time, I do not remember clearly. The forum’s life is only a short segment of a few months. He then

!Shortly after the demise of the

forum, another flagship game and Animation Forum, my interest in this area is not large, so as a forum so hard, more dd1228 and A in the name, I don’t remember. Maybe…… I don’t know what to say. It has a shorter life, and soon it’s gone. After a long period of time, perhaps because this is not the result of sick pay, of course more because of other reasons, including many reasons, I went with my previous TY friends do book station, on the A side rape is light, but also because of his uncertainty, don’t want to play anymore. A himself seemed to be busy doing something else.

just know at the beginning of 08, when a US A and 8 family held a forum, is the beginning of obsidian. PW very common kind of style! Probably more than a month now, there is no! Oh! Then in addition to the second obsidian, pure black style, is the PW version, the Obsidian can be said to be the first predecessor lost, is also the main aspect of this novel. Rape A really hateful, not long, it also disappeared, but also the existence of a very short time. Stop and opened a lost second predecessor, is called the obsidian, PW is the most common kind of style, pale green. Don’t know after a few months, the specific time is in no mood to remember, it is not reliable because crafty A said it has disappeared, replaced by a PW version of the lost, is the beginning of the loss of all funds, now many members should remember. This is the third predecessor. Not long after, and replaced by the DZ version, blue and white bottom is pure and clean style, and then can say is the first really can go down the forum, rather than like the previous kind of A, inexplicably its face to kill, because >