Look at the major search engine included speed from a software article

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search engine, I always stick with Google, because I was engaged in technology, is often English jargon, often use Baidu search, so I have to have Google preferences, because Google can basically meet the things I need. Then he was engaged in stationmaster this industry, with special interest to SEO, while in China, baidu is the search engine leader, occupied most of the market share, so he also slowly turn to rely on Baidu, but the technology, I basically do not use Baidu, because it is difficult to find what you want, so I basically search by Baidu entertainment. Such as MP3, entertainment news, non mainstream, and the like. At the same time, I am also concerned about the Baidu billboard, Baidu index, and so on, focusing on the latest network hot spots. Interested in the search engine, the latest situation so I often study the good. Include the following: Google, Baidu, soso, Youdao, Yahoo, MSN, bind, Sogou and so on, they compared the accuracy of search results, including the speed of the collection, change of their latest algorithm so today I deliberately wrote an article about the single test.

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from Baidu Billboard’s most popular beauty Yang Mi as the event, to write an article on the " " Yang Mi quickly became popular; the single result, I 9:00 in the evening, after twenty minutes, Google has collected, is my hair in the Sohu blog, after, I again the same article published in the news blog, the search results soon turned to Hexun blog content, therefore, can be seen on the Google News blog is preferred, but I in Baidu, NetEase, Sina has not been included, that blog is the most friendly in google. To the time, Google, Baidu, Youdao, Yahoo are included, but soso, Sogou or not included, indicating that the two backward search engine is to improve the technology content of paternity.

because of my article is original, so be included the possibility to be very large, therefore, Google for the first time included me, so Google as a leader in global search engine weie the technology is the industry’s first, other search engine needs to be improved, if you aim to be a SEOER, I suggest you starts from the Google, because Google started to rely on technology, formed a series of standardized operation, other domestic search engine technology is not very mature now, optimization is particularly difficult, especially Baidu, adjust the algorithm every day, you do not know how to optimize it, optimizing, flow out the more calendar harm, has entered a chaotic era, so I think that the major domestic search engine providers without technical reform, likely to be eliminated in the future, will be a foreigner Better understand