How to do second hand station

has been away from writing the last article for 2 months, and then the last article said, "last time we just said some superficial knowledge.". I do not know how the flow of second-hand, and I have the day IP 5000IP, and tell me about my experience, I will say something important.

first tell me about my station. At the end of 05, the registered domain name has been revised since the last article, and it hasn’t been perfect yet. Intermediate into second-hand station, has been almost 2 years, previously only amateur do, their work, plus contact optimization projects do, nor how to manage, in the evening audit, IP has been between 300 and 500. Why has everybody’s IP been unable to break through 1000IP, and perhaps more domain names and procedures have relations?. Old domain name ranking station great advantage. In fact, the program should be internal element, a good program can achieve twice the result with half the effort. I have seen many webmaster, their procedures super rotten, but also desperately add external connections, in fact, the effect is really not much, simply can be said to be a waste of time. Go on with other things,


at the beginning should be careful analysis of your site, specific to what column what key words, dig their own good point key word, this everyone according to their own situation mining. At the same time, the local second-hand station, that is, other competitors analysis, detailed to the external link figures. Especially for those of the better ranking competitors, careful analysis, take long compensation. Add some related columns, such as adding skills to select second-hand items. This column also needs to be updated every day. When you don’t have much information at first, add some relevant information manually, then the external connection. This is needless to say, I believe we will all.

on the operating side, the profit model feels that the secondary station is not too much, according to the local consumption level and local habits to custom. Remember: do not invest too much, there is a company in Shenzhen, more advertising, more revenue, and in the end do not make money, the company spent too much. You should take the initiative to advertise for the website. There are too few people like me to advertise. If the initiative point, the effect is better.

is here today. When I have finished the yellow pages, I will continue to write. I don’t really mean it in detail, but it’s still time for you to do it.