How to play the Taobao index two

How to

in the last quarter of Taobao index (1) content, Wan Yue taught you how to through the Taobao index data to locate the simple method of customer price guide, today I come to tell you how to explain, through Taobao keyword index. But before speaking, I want to tell you that if you study hard, you will certainly have some impact on the flow of your store, and can produce orders. Of course, in the end, whether it can become an order, there are other key links besides today’s talk. I will continue to share with you in the next section. Now, let me begin today’s topic:

first keyword search and turnover index trend, why to look at the time? A season cycle is a simple product, if you are in the product consumption off-season time, desperately in Taobao paid promotion platform hit advertising, in the face of original consumption off-season customers reduce, merchants did not reduce. Next, you pay the promotion effect of peaks and troughs in as can be imagined. So, simple search index and clinch a deal index, is you open Taobao shop must see. And search index and trading index up and down staggered data, but also can be worth exploring. It’s unknown here, and I can talk to you separately.



keyword index, selling propensity index comparative analysis, also the following figure as an example, through the comparison of selling index and the index tendency, we can easily figure out a number of love is far greater than the two number, a description of the product itself quality color aspect is likely to be affected by the user love, but the price of the product two make it hot index is much higher than one product, which also shows that although the users love a good product, but as long as the quality difference, consumers are more willing to choose cost-effective products for consumption two. Then the product shop in three game player can click through the brand name, see above the top two product picture style and what kind of price collocation more in line with the needs of users, and thus enhance the brand competitiveness of their products. For example: click on a brand we see the Korean inlaid sportswear is the flagship store opened two brand products, we see the picture on the cheap and free shipping, then you as a brand three, whether you can learn 2 strengths, to use their products on




related products again and related analysis, as the following chart as an example, two properties of the combination, can easily make consumer love products with what attributes about how much money is his psychological price, can be estimated by a list of dimensions, and this kind of data collection is also conducive to customer service in time customer communication, recommend to customers which have certain attributes of the product with the advantage of data, will stimulate more customer turnover rate. Here, let me give you an example: when you have a waterproof watch, a mechanical watch and an electronic watch in your shop