Adsense observation of the third phase of the registration system to the webmaster industry influenc


: I’m just an ordinary man, if it must be preceded by occupation, you can call me master, but so far, I’m just an incompetent webmaster.

a few days ago in the Webmaster Station and A5 see, about the Chinese Ministry of industry on the third phase of the record system on-line news, and after the group of friends exchange, so have to write the original intention of this article.

third filing system on-line, and Chinese existing Internet situation now, from third filing system, we can smell some taste, to estimate the stationmaster industry will have at least the following effects [Third filing system text content please search, this is no longer quoted].

one, let IDC website record information authenticity of the audit, will appear in the region as management unit

1, filtering the security of the information into the IDC, while allowing IDC to be responsible users for the security of the information. So when the user managed server, basically can be done face to face transactions, if you cannot see it, should be verified by the video, so the video verification is certainly another authentication method on-line filing system third period. Although the video can be false, but the possibility of fraud is much smaller. [


2, if it is in a IDC record verification, to the webmaster, this is a good phenomenon, compared to the filing system now, which is not granted, no trial, do not tell you why, let you in there. Therefore, after the third phase of the filing system on the line, China’s record speed should be improved.

two, IDC prices, the era of IDC monopoly has arrived,

this has become a very clear message, IDC in Guangdong and Henan have been in price increases, or about 30%. The price hike is easily reminiscent of the assertion of a well-known Chinese expert that China cannot buy train tickets because it is too cheap. With the rise of the Internet to deal with purification, do not know this is what kind of problem solving method.

IDC now the price has a fatal means, is that they have a web site for power, so the price is bound to the custody fee + management fees, and as a webmaster, this increase in prices can only pay by


in addition, with the control of China’s IDC policy, small IDC simply can not survive, therefore, the formation of monopoly IDC is an inevitable trend, monopoly, of course, there will be price increases.

three and 2010, the webmaster industry reshuffle

chaotic grassroots webmaster circles, is indeed made some Internet garbage, but we can’t deny that it is the absolute majority of the grassroots webmaster has provided the Internet is wonderful, if lost Chinese grassroots webmaster, the Internet will be a barren, few sites limited, how might.