Ma Grassland what forum the PR value of 5 in order to read the world forum for example


write down this title, I believe will lead to part of the webmaster "slobber", what are the age, still emphasize the PR value, it is only a "evaluation standard of Google’s little practical significance. Moreover, in China, Baidu is the boss, how to do Baidu keyword is the most time-saving and labor-saving, improve the flow of focus. And so on, and so on, against the PR value of the speech, the public can do their best to distinguish.

however, it is undeniable that the PR value for a website is an honor, a kind of affirmation, a website identity and status symbol, its importance is self-evident. Even if the flow is the king of the era, is still a most PR firm, which fully demonstrates why most excellent Adsense in exchange Links, must be in the pursuit of equality for the sake of website PR value. If your website PR value is too low, or there is no PR value, it is easy to produce a "novice entry" feeling, and in invisible, it will inevitably produce a dismissive look. It’s really a shame.

on the site of the PR value of the relevant factors, online related introduction and articles abound. Here, I will not repeat. Before the author Ceng Youwen "horse Grassland: Forum PR value from 0 to 4 of the five basic principles.". Now, again, the PR value, there is a platitude. However, precisely because the PR value of the forum is not as fast as the PR value of the website, so it is still necessary to talk about how to make qualitative change on the basis of quantitative change. Perhaps, with your own personal experience, take the reading world forum as an example, and share some of the little details with you. It will be more authentic and convincing.

first of all, the forum should have high quality, high PR value of the friendship group. Now that we are talking about why the PR value is equal to a person’s identity and status, it is mainly due to Google’s hierarchical evaluation of the web. This mechanism itself is equivalent to our evaluation of someone. Search engine evaluation, more is the mechanical reference correlation index, and people to people’s evaluation, in fact, inevitably with personal subjective likes and dislikes color. It’s an unavoidable place. However, we can not unworthy, a pole killed function and effect of the PR value. Is the so-called, people with type Birds of a feather flock together.. Website in doing friendship link, also pay great attention to the value of the pr. A PR value of 5 or more than 5 of the site, under normal circumstances is also like and PR value for 5 or more than 5 of the site to do links. If our PR value is too low, and want to quickly improve it, then a shortcut is and the PR value of the high web site link. It’s better to have one way links, that is, others only link to you, and you don’t need to exchange links. In that case, you’ll have to buy a link. In the PR value is not the case, how to successfully exchange links, the author will write another story. Read the world forum, attaches great importance to the quality of friendship links, and a lot of PR value for more than 5 of the site to do links, it is possible to preserve and maintain its own web site weight. < >