AdSense for Entrepreneurship for that passion put down a good job

I’ve never published any articles on webmaster websites, and I haven’t had any.

, I’ve been in the webmaster network for a year now, and I’ve been holding the attitude of learning. Actually, I’ve learned a lot this year,.

before I think, understand a ASP called the programmer, this may lead us laugh. I think of yourself, for you, to live up to parents, that’s OK, what people say. Tube people will grow up, not physical, but mental age I never. Afraid of what time I am afraid my awareness of things too superficial, opinionated.

I graduated from

, the first job is to do the programmer, in a small company in the Milky way, Mister within a year, once I summed up regulation, director bluntly, is the manager of our company almost, he always naive to think, do a shopping site, can be compared with Ma so, we work hard, articles, pictures, post in the forum. Less than a year, the website or the like when he was anxious, how to go!! in his hurry, the original boss issued a notice to him, he will start next month profit. Only 300IP, every day how profit, our team has 4 people. With the director. At this time I left, I stay in the most difficult times before. Know the company’s hard, entrepreneurship is not easy to.

second jobs went to a hospital, do network promotion, okay, then know some key optimization, live up to the hospital, several popular keywords to get, then a promotion, said the general manager of Baidu’s friend, Cheng graduated, I think, no need to leave. Only half a year left. The promotion of a month to spend 500 thousand to promote the network, the hospital also really red, rich people can think, I didn’t have the guts to spend so much money at that time. It seems as a graduate, eloquent, daring, I regret not reading great. Then gave me an inspiration to do this now nearly 120 hospital network,

third jobs, as a network director of a design company, has always been the core of the company, because I give the company a month to pull 200 thousand network business.

is just out now and is talking to a company about outsourcing. I can outsource their website business and I’ll open the company. No, I’ll go back to the hospital. Now, the dean of several hospitals sent me an invitation,.

I stick to their ideals, has been going on for three years, three years is tired, but I didn’t want to give up, because when my parents for my university, they did not give up, I was the tired, the pain in their eyes, what is.