Eight suggestions for micro blog marketing in Enterprises

micro-blog marketing imperative. However, most enterprises only opened a micro-blog, and then certified only. The real use of micro-blog marketing or a few?. This is normal, after all, now micro-blog marketing is not too mature. But some of them are well done. For example, Durex and vancl. A few days ago wrote an enterprise micro-blog marketing problems. So far, the article has fallen behind. Make a brief analysis with recent observations.

fans are the most important

fans are the foundation of our marketing efforts, so the quantity and quality of fans are critical. If the fans below five thousand are basically very difficult to have obvious effect, forwarding number, number of comments are very few, can not form a fan of fission. So our first step is to try our best to get more than five thousand of our fans. How to do it? It’s better to do some activities and get some benefits for the fans and let them pay attention to micro-blog. Specific activities how to do, do not speak here, and later in the analysis. After five thousand, a good interaction with existing fans, etc., the effect is slowly coming out.

high quality fans can guarantee marketing results

our marketing ends up with people, the one behind micro-blog. The demand for high quality fans is that the fans like to play with micro-blog, often online. Smart phones are gaining popularity, and people with smartphones generally play micro-blog. We often get fans by listening to each other. I don’t think micro-blog is good for listening, releasing, listening to and listening to other people. Can go to the relevant micro-blog group, actively listen to others, or use keywords to search related content, pay attention to the publisher micro-blog. For example, search product keywords, you can find the product mentioned micro-blog, you can pay attention to these people.

play micro-blog


to do business, micro-blog should play like a personal micro-blog, not only when we go to work to do business micro-blog, but every hour, including work to play enterprise micro-blog. We have to play with the mentality on it. Most micro-blog is active at night. To play micro-blog, then micro-blog fun, so we pay close attention to the people if they are interested in and can be other enterprises in the same industry micro-blog, micro-blog, micro-blog, micro-blog and colleagues, customers, loyal fans of micro-blog. Then stay focused and interact with these people. Concerned about the people can not be too much, we should pay attention to the quality of micro-blog people, if you pay attention to thousands of people, the quality is not high, playing micro-blog will not be interested.

micro-blog personified

this is the most recent feeling, most enterprises micro-blog are too official. So it can not reflect the interactive characteristics. Micro-blog has been emphasized to be personified, but how to personification is a difficult problem. I also know what is personified. And look at the following two micro-blog:

savory mouth food, micro-blog