Does SNS really connect every family


SNS really connect to each family,


remember that some people have done Internet tombs, which have been hot for some time, and still do not develop. As long as the reality of something, certainly through the network to achieve, even if there is nothing in reality, the network can still be found. At the time of the SNS epidemic, someone hit SNS’s kinship family and made a family SNS web site.

network world is currently doing family SNS Nothing is too strange., Chinese website also full, one of the more distinctive is my home show (, several other family SNS not what characteristics. Can SNS really link kindred family members in China? Not necessarily,


took me home site, one of the most unique feature is the family tree, each registered member, can bring their own parents, Grandpa grandma, Grandpa and grandma, uncle aunt, uncle aunt, aunt and cousin are added, the surface looks very good, the family tree is established, but this family the tree is the lack of activity.

I use my

show my family tree, found its function is too simple, simple family members can only be added, for the complicated family relationship cannot be handled, such as "I Grandpa married 3 times, the other two wife how to add a family tree, and other children and wife my grandfather was a family tree to send children, so he has two father and mother, how to increase the family tree". For such a complex family relationship, the family tree function of my family is very difficult to show its kinship map on the website. And often in reality, such a complex relationship between blood and family, but very much.

the author is suspicious of connecting family members via the SNS website:

1. has market, difficult to implement

there are many families in China now, but there are not many websites that really take the family as their target customers, and the family is a big market in china. Although everyone saw the cake, but it is difficult to implement, many big city’s family has a computer, but the computer can give children learning, or their own entertainment play, and a few families around a site to turn, the number of married people at present, the topic of communication between husband and wife is less, less, together less time, less likely by a family of SNS to maintain the charm of the feelings of the couple.

Members of the

2. family dispersed

at present, due to the development of traffic, many people work in other cities and countries, it is usually new year’s day to go home to meet once, for such scattered family members, it is difficult to let them condense on a web site. A real family SNS website is where many people in the family communicate and communicate on the site at the same time.

3. family files

if you want to build a good family tree, >