Enterprise site selection web site source code we should pay attention to several issues

many small and medium-sized enterprises or individuals in the early stage of the station, in the online search for a lot of enterprises, the company’s website management system source code, web site, it is difficult to choose the appropriate website management system. We illustrate here some necessary attention to prevent unnecessary losses to individuals and businesses.

is currently the most popular ASP dynamic building system, easy to build, use more people. Therefore, for ASP or small websites Trojan software, hackers are also easy to find loopholes for such sites, upload Trojans, control site management rights, Download Web source code (stolen web source). Many developers just to develop some simple functions for the enterprise, so that users feel comfortable to apply, but initially did not find all the security and vulnerability of the site. So it took some time, some network perpetrators found loopholes, upload trojan virus, so that the site can not run properly.

How does

prevent such incidents from happening and allow companies to reduce their losses,


1, select the website management system source code, as far as possible to choose independent development groups, companies. Generally self-developed web site systems have their own names, as long as Baidu and other sites search, you can find the original developer’s Web site. Independent development of the source code, commercial version of general considerations of security, not easy to spread on the Internet, so that hackers are not easy to analyze the source code loopholes, so that after sale, security is guaranteed.

two, generally in Taobao, eBay, pat Network in the sale, the price is very low, and there are many users in the sale of source code. It is better not to have this source site itself being downloaded for sale. And sold by many people, there is no after-sale technical services to ensure that.

three, identify non independent development, piracy website source code website: what kind of Web site source code he has, and many types, and is a large source code, management, the background is different. The name of the web site system is uncertain and has no name of its own system. These are generally done, the site is not professional enough, without their own technical staff. Most of them are downloaded, modified or resold by other people’s website management system. Such source code has no after-sale technical support, many are security vulnerabilities online popular source code.

four, non self developed source code, the price is very low, or the price is uncertain, you can bargain. These source code is not after-sale and technical protection, because their source code is not developed by themselves. Sell one, not responsible for upgrades and secure after-sales service. So the price will be very low.

remind enterprise website users for your company’s good development and reduce losses. Try not to choose non guaranteed website management system, nor can we blindly pursue low-cost sites, low price website system is not secure and technical service guarantee. And the choice of enterprise website space is similar, low price space, high cost of server, only a large number of sites to ensure no cost, speed, safety can be ensured, the space without proper profit, can provide good service for enterprises.