Baidu search results page changes talk about details determine success or failure

just search information, suddenly opened the left side added a list of things, began to think the wrong page, huh, huh?.

just moved the "news / Web / stick / know /MP3/ pictures / video" to the left and raised the following links.

although the position change is simple, but the feeling is more humane, to be honest, I guess a lot of people may not know directly above a point you can open the search page, but now there may be more people easily see little.

details determine success or failure, absolutely this truth.

Ma Yun claimed to understand the network, but he succeeded, because he does not understand, so that users do not know, so like the Li Bai poem, do something to let everyone see, will use.

sometimes you might as well think of users as "fools" and "fools" understand you, then you are really successful.

GOOGLE (I still love to see people’s dog, although they give themselves a very elegant name "Google"), has been that he is the elite, also believes that his customers are the elite, so he wants to hide and seek, put options on the top left corner, so I was not in the dog to provide image search service (hey, I admit some idiot good. The user login before the dog) in the upper right corner of the good, I have been using it to log in, but then he couldn’t find a lot of twists and turns, of course I found, after testing various paths, find the login window at least "two points", why should I point two? After that, I don’t have GMAIL, I use QQ mailbox, well, remember better.

in 2000, the first use of GOOGLE, the heat recommended to friends, but now, unless the search site included, or Baidu really does not use it.

seems GOOGLE’s a failure, eh?. If you do not agree with my point of view, and then to cite an example, I have done so many stations, Baidu and Google to traffic ratio is basically 10:1, or even greater than this proportion.

actually, I’m sure GOOGLE might never be able to do Baidu.


it’s nice and convenient to use.


is related search, a little bit of sweat, oh, search my site "love visitors", appear this……


added: in fact, GOOGLE’s "treasure box" function is very good, but unfortunately, it must be hidden, I guess many people may not know what a treasure chest is, and even a lot of ordinary Internet users may not have noticed so few