How do make the first page of Baidu and Google Valley best

I is the rookie, through the efforts and adhere to the first page of my Gu Baiyou ranking was both ranked in Baidu and Google, so how do I do? Think website content is to win the king.

Remember in

SEO forum, someone once said, if the weights of two websites, a website often update the article, but also a website article with little or no update, or two websites are updated, the total number of articles and a website to another website article a much greater number of words, so the previous content, update and regular website ranking will depend on the.

do not know if you don’t understand, I was such a test, Google rank two days or a few, in addition to change my home tiitle, I master the content changes, should be before the content has been flooding webmaster use, so I want to get good rankings is not realistic.

, I’ve summed up the reasons for the rise in Google rankings over the last two days:

1 reasonably modifies the Titie header.

2, published more than five articles, just one day before.

3, the content of the direction of some adjustments, more suitable for the public taste.

4, in A5 published experience, add a link, others will understand, but must be from the heart of experience sharing, such as my


5, don’t give up trying to get links, say your advantage.

finally, I think the most important thing is the content optimization, content optimization is good, the frequency of the article master is good, ranking naturally rise.