How does the new local portal become the most popular website in the region

a county town of information port from the beginning of the establishment to the present, with a few months time to develop into the region’s largest portal information website, this feeling is not very realistic, starting from Zhucheng network. Now how will a were not seen by the station does not turn become a regional leading portal station promotion experience and share with you.

one, choose domain name, establish network brand

to build a promising station must choose a good domain name, Zhucheng network located in the development of a set of life, entertainment, consulting for the integrated portal, so the domain name choice for Zhucheng Quanpin, after a survey of Zhucheng’s best domain name for has been to 6 digit high no one buy, the team is heavily purchased Successful acquisition of domain names opened the opening station for Zhucheng.

two, content first, let search engines love you on

select the domain name, determine a good brand, the most important thing is content, no content, domain name no matter how good, also can not keep the hearts of Internet users. After continuous content updates add, Zhucheng net after more than two weeks of fighting, search engines began to slowly included.

three, do online promotion, so that users like "you


in order to increase the amount of browsing, through the QQ group and mail bulk, we let more online users know, there is a better station has been born, please them pay attention to us, and slowly like us.

four, do offline promotion, so that businesses recognize your brand

in order to let Zhucheng people more profound understanding of "Zhucheng net" this network brand, offline promotion is forced to carry out, 10 thousand copies of DM advertising all over the streets of Zhucheng merchants. Let business profound cognition, there is a "Zhucheng net" brand, there are many preferential measures. Have to advertise!


well, first of all, I will share more experience and experience with you. In fact, it is very simple to be successful in

, I hope everyone will remember’s attention to our growth.