Are you afraid of the 10 mistakes that make you an entrepreneur

every year countless startups fall, but the reasons for failure are often only a few. "I talk to entrepreneurs three or four times a week, and they ask almost the same question." Serial entrepreneur, TarekKamil says. Kamil’s record five times, the most recent is the information dissemination platform Cerkl, he is the founder of CEO.

"people always fall in the same place.". If you can manage to circumvent these common mistakes, the chances of success will increase significantly. "


has more than one person in his mind. Entrepreneurial mentors, venture capitalists, and many successive entrepreneurs have shown that entrepreneurs are always influenced by a series of very common problems.

1. entrepreneurship less than


marathon doesn’t come running along, but it needs to be done with great training. Entrepreneurship is the same. Before you get into the water, you should do some warm-up exercises, including adjusting your schedule, your body condition, expanding your network properly, and so on.

"you have to be careful and make sure you’re ready and that everything in your life is ready."." Kamil says. To be sure, starting a business can have a pretty bad impact on your life.

if you can’t make your family and friends aware of the consequences of entrepreneurship, and you can’t win their full support, you’re bound to be under a lot of emotional pressure. Not to mention that it will distract you from focusing on your own business. So you have to talk to them honestly and make them mentally ready. "Tell them, ‘I will give all my energy to do it, and that does not mean you are no longer important to me, but sometimes it does give you a similar feeling" "It’s important to reach a consensus on this, because any weakness in your personal life will be exposed," Kamil suggests."

2. confuses making products and doing projects

is now an application is king of the times, but EricHoltzclaw said the serial entrepreneur and enterprise strategic experts from the United States of Atlanta, a lot of people who want to start a business is not clear how to based on the current achievements on further. "The product addresses a single demand," he says, "and a real project has a bright spot that attracts customers to buy it over and over again."

to distinguish between these two, only you ask yourself a question: remove the product’s initial sales income, you have other sources of income? This is also a critical point investors are valued. "Investors want to know what you’re going to do next, and you want to make sure that there are no other long-term profits besides what’s available," Holtzclaw said". "Will you authorize other people to use your technology? What will happen to this project in 35 years?"